Stereo Amplifier

Review: Technics SB-F1 Speakers

This tiny metal-encased speaker from Japan is the smallest in a Technics range of 2-way systems with the tweeter set back behind a chamfered opening to produce both a ‘linear phase’ effect (i.e. with the effective driver centres vertically aligned) and an approximation to horn loading. Though the main driver is only 100mm in diameter, the power handling capacity is rated at up to 60 watts music (40 watts DIN rms), and there is a trip protection circuit with reset button. The drive units have individual circular grilles of expanded metal and connection is via screw terminals.

Dispersal in the horizontal plane was unusually wide, as might be expected from the small size and tweeter configuration, so that one could place the speakers almost anywhere and receive a balanced output. (GH has ideas for installing two in his car.) Frequency response was clean and bright, the expected fall-off in bass leaving a rather over-articulate treble which some people, and some signal sources, might not like. Experiments with the tilt control on the Quad 44 control unit produced a very acceptable compromise when bass and treble were respectively sloped upwards and downwards. The neat appearance and remarkably low price of this very accommodating loudspeaker make it a strong recommendation where space and cash are paramount considerations.